Although production began in 2017, Rosey Bloom’s has a rich history that spans the past 85 years of culinary excellence! Born in 1930 to a family of factory workers and sharecroppers, Rosetta L. Bloom began providing her cooking expertise at a young age; only getting better with time. Even while attending university, she never failed to satiate her family and friends’ appetites who kept begging for more!  By using homemade seasonings to enhance the flavor pallet of each meal, experimenting with food was her passion, and cooking meals on a budget with only the freshest ingredients was her specialty.  Prior to falling ill in 1990, Rosetta made sure to pass her cooking knowledge and skills to her grand-daughter, who has continued her culinary legacy in the sharing of her gift in the form of “Rosey Bloom’s” collard greens.  Within every jar of Rosey Bloom’s is a ton of history and love.  It’s our hope that upon your first taste, you are taken back to your childhood memories of grandma’s cooking.  “From Our Pots, To Your Plate” and to your family with love!